Who We Are

The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team (CELT) strives to make DPS the best place for everyone to learn, grow and have a positive impact. We lead cross functional efforts to:

  • Improve our organization’s effectiveness
  • Develop all employees/educators through a differentiated values-based leadership approach
  • Infuse an explicit and consistent focus on equity, inclusion and behavioral change.

We drive the district’s mission, vision and culture transformation efforts to ensure we collectively reach our vision: Every Child Succeeds.

Emphasis on Equity

A hallmark of all of our equity and inclusion efforts is our ability to meet unique needs, embrace families and communities, encourage conversations, and generate and inspire advocates.

Programs for Educators and the Community
We offer a variety of programs for DPS educators and the Denver community that focus specifically on building equity:

  • Oct. 17, ED Talk: Conversations on Identity and Belonging: Learn More and RSVP
  • Nov. 7 and 8, Equity Boot Camp: Real Talk on RaceLearn More


African-American Equity Task Force
In response to the Dr. Bailey report on the factors contributing to the opportunity gap that exists for our African-American students and educators, the DPS Board of Education and Superintendent commissioned an African-American Equity Task Force in the fall of 2016. Learn More